Facilitate, track, and sign off on student's weekly challenges

What's the deal?

The programme is a team effort between the school, Rotary, parents and caregivers. Teachers can choose how far the programme is integrated in their lessons. You may teach topics relevant to the challenge such as Hauora, and create a classroom display. Support materials and some lesson plans are provided for you to adapt to your class.

The programme works best when whole families take part, the more classes that can run the programme concurrently, the better.


The local Rotary Club and Healthy Heroes District Committee will help support its school through securing sponsorship and running the programme. They will help teachers with questions, advice on running the programme, presentations to parents and the school, resolving issues, and parent meetings. Teachers are provided with contact details of other teachers who have successfully implemented the programme and are happy to help with any questions or advice. Teaching resources are provided in a login area on the website.


Free! The local Rotary Club who is sponsoring your school funds the cost of the programme. This includes all printed material and the rewards for children who meet their challenges. Sometimes schools work with Rotary to source additional sponsorship opportunities.

Get started

Not signed up with Healthy Heroes? We can come to you and present on the programme to kick things off.

Process overview

If your school's not yet taking part in Healthy Heroes, sign up:

  1. Contact us at Healthy Heroes so we can give you more information, and connect you to a local Rotary club.
  2. Ask your school principal to sign up the school. Get in touch with us if you want assistance doing this. The Committee will happily come and present the programme for you.
  3. Appoint a staff member to be the school's designated (and dedicated) Healthy Heroes Co-ordinator
  4. The School Coordinator will receive a school welcome pack including teacher login details to be distributed with staff.
  5. Work with the Rotary club to see if there's anything in the school's culture that could already be used to help children meet their challenges.
  6. Work with your local Rotary club to find sponsorship for prizes. If successful, explain the rewards on offer and coordinate these into any lessons you want to plan.
  7. With Rotary's help, you may choose to launch the programme at a staff/parents’ function to explain Healthy Heroes and motivate children and families to complete the nine week programme. This is a good opportunity to take enrolments.
  8. Teachers download and customise letters to families about the programme, along with enrolment instructions. Send out enrolment packs to families.
  9. At the end of the programme, your local Rotary club will help you arrange an awards ceremony to recognise those who successfully met all their Healthy Heroes challenges.



A usual timetable

  • Term 1: Many schools use this short term to prepare for a total health focus in Term 2.
  • Term 2 or Term 3: Launch and facilitate the programme.
Healthy Heroes is a flexible programme that can be implemented in whichever way teachers think best.