Our Sponsors

We rely on sponsors to provide the prizes that spur kids to meet all their Healthy Heroes goals with enthusiasm! 


Become a sponsor and help improve children's health

Please get in touch with the North or South Island Coordinator if you can sponsor the programme through donations, discounted services, shop product, prizes, or anything else. Every little bit counts and we need sponsorship year-round.

We are will reflect recognise your sponsorship through our channels in whichever way is most beneficial to your organisation. 

All sponsors have made a vital contribution 

The active help of sponsors enabled Healthy Heroes to have a sound base from where it could positively influence the habits of families in many communities.

Initial sponsorship came from New Zealand Financial Planning and the Rotary Club of Wellington North. This resulted in development of the earliest version of the programme, ready to launch in the first schools in 2004.

Ongoing sponsorship has always come from the Rotary Clubs that fund the programme in schools across the lower North Island and upper South Island.