The role of Rotary

Rotary is proud to have developed Healthy Heroes. 
It has been delivered in 60 schools, and had a positive impact on 6,400 families

The local Rotary Club who is sponsoring the school funds the cost of the programme. This includes all the printed material and the rewards for children who meet their challenges. Financial support may be available to Rotary Clubs, please contact your relevant North or South Island coordinator. It is a good idea to ask if the school would hold a mufti day with the proceeds going towards the Healthy Heroes programme in the school.

The local Rotary Club and Healthy Heroes District Committee help schools secure sponsorship and support in running the programme. They help teachers with questions, advice on how to run the programme, presentations, resolving issues, and parent meetings. Each Rotary Club needs to have a Club Healthy Heroes Coordinator to liaise with schools. It is best when this coordinator holds the position for at least two years to ensure the programme runs smoothly. 

Want to know more about Rotary?

Rotarians are people of action, driven by a desire to create opportunities, strengthen communities, and find solutions to the tough challenges that affect people around the world. Rotary is a community of 1.2 million men and women from all continents, cultures, professions, and experiences who connect through our local clubs. Rotary Clubs tackle projects of every scale and inspire fellow Rotarians, friends, neighbours, and partners to share their vision, exchange ideas for lasting solutions, and take action to bring those ideas to life.

Together with our partners, neighbours, and friends, we’re:

  • Promoting peace, encouraging dialogue to foster understanding within and across cultures
  • Fighting disease, educating and equipping communities to stop the spread of life-threatening or preventable diseases
  • Providing clean water, building local solutions to bring clean water and sanitation services to more people every day
  • Saving mothers and children, expanding access to quality care, so mothers and children can live and grow stronger
  • Supporting education, expanding access to education and empowering educators to inspire more children and adults to learn
  • Growing local economies, creating opportunities for individuals and communities to thrive financially and socially
  • Eradicating polio, uniting the world to end polio, once and for all
  • With Rotary, you’ll find countless opportunities to create meaningful change in your community and around the world.
    Support a cause you care about at or 0800 4 Rotary.
This programme is 100% volunteer driven and we are always looking to join up more Rotary Clubs with schools.