Parents and Caregivers

Every Healthy Hero needs a motivated support crew to spur them along!

The role of parents and family is vital—and very satisfying too. While the school administers the programme and may teach some health units, the majority of the 9-week programme is down to you at home. Here's what's involved.

Getting the most out of the programme

Home is where all the good stuff happens, where the habits of a lifetime are made. The Healthy Heroes challenge works best when everyone at home is on board.

  • Understand and agree to follow the programme together with your child. Help them understand the five challenges and exactly what they have to do to meet them.
  • Acknowledge and explain that healthy habits make for a lifetime of health and happiness
  • Be geared up to give them all the help and encouragement they need to meet their Healthy Heroes challenges
  • Do your best to make them filling breakfasts and nutritious meals, with at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruits daily
  • Discourage fast foods and fizzy drinks (except as an occasional treat)
  • Set a standard bedtime
  • Ensure they fill in their weekly record book and return it to school on time. Before handing in, review and sign it, making sure all nine weekly records are handed in during the term.
  • Be a stickler for honest recording. If your child tries to exaggerate what they've done, remind them of the reasons they signed up. The key is commitment to healthy habits day-by-day, week-by-week.

How to join

Think Healthy Heroes is just what your kids need? Talk to your kid's teachers. If the school is not yet running the programme: 

  1. Ask the teacher to consider signing up your school
  2. The principal will then appoint a Healthy Heroes School Coordinator
  3. Teachers will send home an enrolment pack 

While we try to encourage schools to have all their classes run the programme at the same time, this is not always possible. Most friendly competition is therefore between their classmates.


Free! The full cost of the programme (except for the stuff you do at home) is fully funded by the local Rotary Club who is sponsoring your school. This includes all printed material and the rewards for children who meet their challenges.


There are ideas and resources for helping your child meet their challenges under the five challenges menu. These have also been collated into a single list below.


Children will receive prizes to spur them along and meet their challenges! Prizes will depend on your school and the sponsoring Rotary Club. 

The material is very useful and motivational. The kids do it on their own at home, and keep each other honest. They are showing self-discipline, and are competitive. They believe they are doing something worthwhile. They enjoy being told they have done well, in front of other children, the recognition for having achieved.
With this programme you can’t lose! There are so many opportunities! It has helped the children at school. They take fruit every day, and water. It used to be juice or Raro. Now they have it as a rare treat. The changes will stick.
There is no hesitation in signing off each day and each week. Good things are escalating. Don’t change the programme. Keep it going. Spread it further.
It is very easy-to-follow. It’s like a fresh door opening, and is absolutely excellent.