Success Stories

Exercising was the main change, especially with one of our children who used to be a loner and would sit at home and watch TV, but now she is out playing to meet the activity challenge. It helped her with her social skills; she talked with other kids and became more alert as a result.Healthy Hero Parent

  Get heaps of physical activity!

Cut out that salt, sugar and fat! Get more Z-Z-Zs!

Stre-e-e-etch your mind!

Help others!

This is the stuff Healthy Heroes are made of!

You'll find heaps and heaps of FUN WAYS to meet your 5

Healthy Heroes Challenges!


How to Join

Want to join Healthy Heroes?
There ar four steps: 

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Benefits for kids

You'll be smarter, fitter, healthier - and more popular with your teacher!

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The 5 Challenges

1. Get active
2. Eat healthy foods
3. Get enough sleep
4. Stretch your mind
5. Help others

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Healthy Hints
Healthy Hints

Want some ideas on how to do your challenges?

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