The Teacher's Role


A Healthy Heroes Teacher is a staff member or anyone who helps children follow the Healthy Heroes programme at school.

If your school's not yet taking part in Healthy Heroes, here are the steps to joining.

  •  Ask your principal to join the school up.
  •  Once joined, the principal will appoint a School Coordinator.
  • The School Coordinator contacts the Healthy Heroes administrator for a username and login
  • The Coordinator creates individual teacher logins.
  • The teachers create logins for kids and parents.
  • Teachers print out letters containing these logins and send them home with each child.

For more see the Enrolment Information for Schools.

The role of a Healthy Heroes Teacher

As a Healthy Heroes Teacher, you'll enter, edit and approve weekly challenge data for children up until a defined weekly deadline.

You can also view and print challenge results for children for any selected period.

First though, you have to be registered as a Healthy Heroes Teacher by the School Coordinator.