The School's Role


 The school's role is to run the Healthy Heroes programme in such a way that sooner or later every child gets to do it.

If you're thinking of only running it for a few classes, bear in mind that most parents want all their kids involved, not just some. It works best when the whole family takes part.


This is the usual timetable:


Term 1:

 No formal programme, but many schools use this short term to prepare for a total health focus in Term 2.

Term 2 or Term 3: 

With Rotary's help, launch the programme at a staff/parents’ function within 14 days. Motivate children and families to follow the programme for at least 9 weeks.

If you've got sponsors, explain about the rewards.

When the programme ends, families have to keep up their healthy lifestyle.

Rotary then helps you to arrange an awards ceremony to recognise those who met all their Healthy Heroes challenges for at least 9 weeks.


Steps the school needs to take to launch the programme:


  • Appoint a staff member to be the school's designated (and dedicated) Healthy Heroes Co-ordinator.
  • Tell parents about the programme and strongly urge them to take part.
  • Work with the Rotary club to see if there's anything in the school's culture that could be used to help children meet their challenges.
  • Work with the club to sell the programme to families, and cooperate in the use of any sponsor's incentives.
  • Advise how best to involve families. A good way might be to arrange a parents' meeting to explain and launch the programme and take enrolments.
  • Register the families and children taking part.