Benefits for kids

When you start eating less Fat, Salt and Sugar...









...you'll start feeling a whole lot better. Fat, Salt and Sugar.  They're the three bad guys of your modern takeaway diet. You may know them by their street names...Fast Food and Fizzy.

As you know they're best buddies with your taste buds. But what you may not know is that they're worst enemies with just about every organ in your body.  See too much of these guys and those organs can get very sick.

And sadly, there's too much of these guys in things like chips, burgers,pizzas, pies and fizzy drinks.

So put less of these salty, fatty foods and sugary drinks in your mouth, and get ready to feel like a million bucks.

 Yes, really!

When you eat more fruit and vegetables every day...


...you'll start to notice you've got more energy.  Why?  Because your body's getting the vitamins, minerals and fibre it loves

When you do heaps of physical activity ...


...you'll get stronger bones and muscles, you'll keep your weight down and your heart will do a better job of pumping blood round your body. And...that body will be better able to fight off nasty diseases. Yay!

When you stretch your mind with regular mental challenges...


...you'll concentrate better, and be more alert so you should get better marks at school.
When you help others every day......you'll feel more useful and happier about yourself.