• The All Right organisation has fun activities and a parent toolbox on the Sparklers site. These cover a wide range of wellbeing topics including managing emotions, living in the moment, being grateful, and showing kindness.
  • Download the Tiny Adventures app, filled with easy and fun activities to do with your child—even if you’ve got just a minute to spare.
  • Healthinfo is a health information website for the general public, funded by Canterbury-DHB. You can specify your district to get more locally-targeted content. It is written and approved by local doctors, practice nurses, hospital clinicians, and other healthcare professionals in an easy to understand format.
  • What’s Up is a fantastic website to introduce your child to. It is a free online chat or phone service for kids and teenagers to talk to someone (a trained counsellor) about anything at all.  The main website has tips to help kids deal with their emotions.



  • A good breakfast on Healthinfo
  • Healthy school lunches from Healthinfo
  • Healthy dinners from Healthinfo
  • Smart snacking for children: Snack ideas and tips for healthy snacks for kids
  • Fussy eaters: It often takes 10 to 15 times for a food to be offered before it is accepted. Find out more about how you can deal with fussy eaters.
  • Parenting healthy & active children: A short and actionable article on how to teach children to eat well.
  • Tips to help your child be healthy & active: A helpful checklist to cover off the basics. No surprises: this summarises many of the aspects of the Healthy Heroes challenge!
  • How to cut down on sugar: The rundown on sugar, what’s a normal amount to aim for, what to look out for, and tips to cut back.
  • Kids are more likely to eat healthily if they're involved in the preparation and understand how healthy food helps their bodies. Pick an activity or food idea in Kids’ Kitchen to do with your child.
  • Let Lindsay tell you why she loves salad. It saves her time, mess and money
  • Eat for health is a website with many resources, posters, and brochures on eating guidelines



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