Success Stories

New World's supply of fruit and vegetables was a very valuable incentive, as fruit was so expensive. The kids asked for it each day.  Healthy Hero Parent


The key role of the school is to run, and support, the Healthy Heroes Programme in such a way that sooner or later every child gets the opportunity to undertake it.

Role of the School

The school's role is to run the Healthy Heroes programme in such a way that sooner or later every child gets to do it.

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images/section_page_items/schools/schools_submenu_img_02.pngA Healthy Heroes Teacher is a staff member or anyone who helps children follow the  programme at school.

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Role of the School Coordinator

A Healthy Heroes School Coordinator is a staff member or anyone who runs the Healthy Heroes programme at a school.

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Healthy Hints
Healthy Hints


You are entering the HEALTHY HINTS aWesoMe, SUPA cool, GREAT ideas space.

Prepare to have LOADS OF FUN!

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