Success Stories

The material was very useful and motivational. The kids did it on their own at home, and kept each other honest. They were showing self-discipline and were competitive. They believed they were doing something worthwhile. They enjoyed being told they had done well in front of other children, the recognition for having achieved.  Healthy Heroes Parent


Sponsors' rewards spur kids to meet all their Healthy Heroes goals with enthusiasm.

We promise you: being a "sponsoring hero" to a bunch of Healthy Heroes will change your life as well as theirs.

Our Sponsors

The Healthy Heroes programme is so grateful to these wonderful sponsors.

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Benefits for sponsors

As a Healthy Heroes sponsor, you'll be helpng us dangle the "carrots" that make the kids want to meet their 5 challenges. 

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Become a Sponsor

Enquiries about new sponsorships should be directed to Peter Cox, National Program Manager.         Mob 027 240 8198  

Healthy Hints
Healthy Hints


You are entering the HEALTHY HINTS aWesoMe, SUPA cool, GREAT ideas space.

Prepare to have LOADS OF FUN!

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