The Rotary Club's Role

The key role of the sponsoring Rotary Club is to adopt one or more local schools as Healthy Heroes Schools.

Healthy Heroes is for ALL schools, of all deciles.We found in the pilot study revealed that the range of health habits -- physical, mental and behavioural -- benefited all children and all families.

if there is a single cause of inactive lifestyles and poor food choices, its the pressure caused by both parents working -- something common to all socio-economic levels. 

 But is you have to choose, start with a lower decile school as their need may be greater.

Most lower decile (1-2) schools are already Health Promoting Schools with a keen interest in building good health habits.

Things the Sponsoring Club needs to do...

  • Approach each school principal, using the Training Brief as an action guide, the manual, the family pack, the flyer and the DVD as promotional material. You can download material from www.wellingtonnorth.org.nz.


  • Explore the school’s own culture to see which activities could be tied in with Healthy Heroes.

For example: 

    PE, swimming and other sports 

    mind games like chess or Monopoly

    art, pottery, music or language lessons. 

    Is it already a Health-Promoting School?

   Help the school to arrange a launch function for teachers and parents.

 At the launch:

   the school states its support for the programme

the club organiser introduces it briefly but clearly, and answers any questions

parents enrol on the spot (using the school's paper enrolment form).

Others may join after the starting date. They can use the school forms, or enrol on the web and download materials at the same time.

As the website takes off, we'll include more promo items and pages to motivate children.


Monitor the progress of the programme

  • Visit the school regularly as agreed with the School Coordinator.
  • Along with the School Coordinator and/or teachers, check the children's reponses from time to time. Advise on any changes they need to make.
  • With the school, identify those children who meet at least the minimum requirements, and performed well for the whole programme.


                        Note: 1. The programme normally builds for a start in term 2, and runs for 9 weeks.

                                2. We can give you templated for the certificates which you can then print on suitable card or obtain from Rapid Copy.

Presentation Ceremony

  • With the school, arrange a presentation of certificates to recognise successful participants after the programme finishes. 
  •  Invite the local MP or Mayor, a prominent athlete or sportsperson and/or health professional, and the local media.

Focus Group Discussions

  Either during or at the end of the programme, arrange separate group discussions with:

  • parents
  • teachers
  • children.

Questions you might ask:

  • What do you think of the programme?
  • Any problems?
  • Has it made a difference to you?
  • (If you had a sponsor) How much of a spur were the prizes?

  The answers should help you gauge the success of the programme.

 A word about Commercial Sponsorship

 We are talking to a few national organisation about sponsoring Healthy Heroes.

You may wish to give small prizes to successful participants and some clubs have obtained local sponsorship to enable this or to provide items such as fresh fruit as an encouragement at intervals during the programme.