Role of the Family

We need you guys at home to take full responsibility for monitoring and helping your Healthy Hero(es) to meet their  five challenges


The family wiil need to:


1. Understand and agree to follow the programme.

 2. Agree that good health makes for a lifetime of good behaviour and good performance.

 3. Explain the programme to your children, and get their agreement to do it.

 4. Agree to give them genuine help and encouragement.

 5. Enrol the children in the programme.

 6. Agree to:

 each day, make them a filling breakfast and nutritious meals, with at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruits

 discourage fast foods and fizzy drinks (except as an occasional treat)

 agree a normal bedtime

 explain the 5 challenges, and tell them exactly what they have to do to meet them

 help and encourage your children to meet all their Healthy Heroes challenges.

 7. As programme monitor, make sure the children fill in their weekly records in full (online or on paper) and return it to the school on time.

 Whether they're working online or on paper, each child must get a parent or caregiver to check the details before sending the form

 If they're using paper, the  monitor signs off the responses for the week.

 Be a stickler for honest recording. If they try to cheat, tell them it won't help their health and they'll just feel bad about themselves.

 8. See that all 9 weekly records are returned during the term.

 9. Agree that the key to a healthy family is a total commitment to healthy habits day-by-day, week-by-week, until those habits are "locked in".