Social and Emotional Activities


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"I helped to raise funds for children less fortunate than myself"
"I did the dishes last night"
"I helped my Grandmother to do her shopping"
"I made friends with the new kid in class"
"I helped my Mum to prepare a meal for us"]


When we are born, we need others to care about us. In this way, we all learn how important it is to receive interest, love and care from others.


We should now learn to share our own interest, love and care with the people around us. By doing so, we can make them feel happy that they are loved and cared for. We will feel good about ourselves too. This is what the Healthy Heroes Challenge Number Five - Helping Others is all about.


There are many fun ways in which you can meet this Challenge :


At home

Helping parents to

  • prepare a meal
  • do the dishes
  • make the bed
  • mind a baby

or we could spend time with an elderly relative, giving them help.


At school

  • Caring about someone who has suffered a loss, say of a relative or close friend
  • spending time with a person who is going through a difficult time
  • making friends with a new pupil and showing him or her the layout of the school, making that person feel welcome
  • helping a pupil who has a disability
  • volunteering to help a teacher with special tasks
  • making a special effort to play with someone new during break
  • actively seeking to make new friends


In the community


  • Helping or visiting people who may be elderly or unwell
  • shopping for someone who is disabled or reading to them or doing everyday tasks that are difficult for them
  • or helping with anything that will improve the welfare or well-being of others
  • Helping a worthwhile charity to raise funds
  • Helping at church to organise a play group for young children or a day tramp for youth


You will discover that you feel a whole lot happier when you help others. It also adds purpose and meaning to your life if you decide to care for someone else.


Healthy Heroes like to help other people - it makes them feel good!