Healthy Eating


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"I want to be a Healthy Hero. I took a fresh apple and an orange to school today."
"Healthy Heroes love fruit and vegetables."
"I learnt how to make a salad with the vegetables I like"
"I remind my Mum to buy us fruit when she goes shopping"]


A wide variety of food will give us all that our body needs in food value, and make us glow with
good health - like a Healthy Hero should!

When we eat plenty of vegetables and fruit
AND when we eat plenty of breads and cereals (including grains, rice and pasta)
AND when we have milk and milk products (including cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream)
AND when we eat lean meat, chicken, sea-food, eggs, nuts, seeds and dried peas,
beans and lentils

We gain Carbohydrates, fibre, protein, all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and
the “good” fats that our body needs. We also feel strong and energetic all day.

For everyone – but especially children – to be healthy and able to concentrate throughout the
day, lunches play an important part.

Good lunches

  • Wholemeal bread sandwiches or rolls with fillings such as cheese, salads, vegemite, lean meat or chicken.
  • Fruit such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, kiwi-fruit and berries.
  • Nuts of all kinds, such as walnuts, cashews, almonds and brazil nuts.
  • Raw vegetables such as carrots, sweet-corn, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, peas, beans, cauliflower, capsicums, avocados, cabbage (as coleslaw?) and swede. How about planting vegetables in your own garden? That means you can easily get really fresh (and cheap) vegetables when you need it.
  • Eggs, hard boiled.
  • Yoghurt, a milk-based drink or simply water.

X Bad lunches:

· Potato Chips.
· Pies.
· Burgers.
· Fatty cuts of meat.
· Soft or fizzy drinks.

Meals containing these have too much fat, salt or sugar, preservatives and artificial colours. They can prevent you from concentrating properly and make you feel tired and unhealthy. If you regularly eat bad foods, you become overweight and may develop serious diseases because of excess body fat. Eating healthy meals and having enough exercise, will help you to become fit and healthy and prevent you from becoming overweight or will even help you to get rid of extra body fat which may be bad for your health.


The Healthy Heroes programme helps you to eat healthy and get the right amount of exercise. Your best reward is that you will FEEL GREAT!