Adequate sleep


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"I feel good because I went to bed early last night and got 10 hours' sleep."
"I concentrate better in class if I go to bed early in the evenings"
"It is easier to get up in the mornings if I go to bed earlier"


Getting the right amount of sleep our bodies and minds need to cope with daily life is important. This is especially true of children whose bodies are growing and changing.


Children who stay up late, spending time in front of a computer or television screen, do not get enough sleep. Their bodies do not get the sleep it needs to grow and change. They also find school work more difficult, because they feel too tired to concentrate or to learn new things.


Getting enough sleep, is a good habit people ought to continue throughout their life, as grown-ups also experience more stress, worries and fears when they are tired.


Healthy Heroes have at least 8 to 10 hours’ sleep per night before a school day!